SEO – Search Engine Optimization – Lingo

If you want to beef up the SEO for your Calgary business, the first step is to learn the lingo. SEO utilizes several acronyms and industry terms that can be daunting at first glance. Fear not — we have a brief glossary of several of the more common terms that may appear when working on SEO. We pride ourselves on being expert Calgary SEO consultants, and can show you the ropes.

Adwords is a program designed by Google. The program advertises on a “pay-per-click” model, where the advertiser pays Google a small fee each time the ad is clicked.

Anchor Text
Anchor text is the term used for hyperlinked text. It’s named because it is “anchored” to the link. Using keyword-rich anchor text can help enhance ratings.

A backlink is when a webpage links to any other page.

Black Hat SEO
Black Hat refers to unethical, manipulative, and banned SEO practices. These can be harmful to your site, and possibly result in being banned from search engines.

A blog is a website that provides content on a regular basis, often in short, digestible posts. When a new blogpost is written, it is considered a ‘new page’ by search engines, enhancing your site’s visibility. Reading and writing blogs has become common practice for businesses and individuals.

Headings are large, bold piece of text on your page placed inside a heading tag, H1 or H2. This text is meant to catch the eye and stand out.

An impression is a page view, or when a user visits your page one time.

An infographic is a collection of images, charts, and minimal text that give an easy-to-understand overview of a topic. An infographic can draw in a reader, and provide a quick, clear understanding of your brand or business loaded with keywords.

A keyword or keyword phrase is a word or set of words that represent a brand, its webpage, its services, or its products. A keyword can help users and search engines find your webpage and give them a sense of what your business is all about.

Keyword Density
Keyword density refers to the amount of times or importance of a keyword relative to how many times it appears in a piece of content. Keyword density has a sweet spot – too little, and it won’t stand out. Too much, and it will get flagged as keyword spam.

Keyword Spam
This is when a keyword appears too many times in a piece of content. It tells search engines that the text is not authentic or organic, and is being manipulated in order to draw in views in an incoherent manner.

Long Tail Keywords
Long tail keywords are strings of keywords that are often very specific and niche. Though they may seem convoluted, they are more likely to build traffic and garner search engine results than shorter, more common keywords. For example, “Calgary SEO and web development” is more likely to guide people to your page than “SEO” or “websites”. Long tail keywords bypass the short, common keywords and guide users to the more unique keywords your page may use.

Organic Search Results
These are search results that appear on search engines due to matching a user’s query or being relevant. Organic search results are the bread and butter of SEO, as they guide users to your content without relying on paid advertising.

Paid Search Results
These are search results that have been pushed to the top of a search engine because a business has paid for them to appear.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is simply the practice of gearing your content to be easily searchable, and to appear higher on a search engine’s list of results. It’s all about boosting traffic to your site and achieving a high rank in search engine results.

Search Engine Marketing or SEM are the acts of researching, submitting, and positioning your site in order to achieve maximum exposure. Often SEM involves paid ads and functions that increase exposure and traffic to your site.

This is the Search Engine Results Page or SERP. Simply put, this is the aggregate page on Google or any other search engine that shows relevant websites and results to what a user has searched.

Traffic is the number of visitors to your site.

White Hat SEO
These are ethical SEO techniques that follow best practice guidelines, and can help your business.

With these handy definitions under your belt, you’re on your way to understanding the basics of SEO. If you want to learn more, reach out to us for any of your SEO or custom applications and software needs.

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